Dear Sister

(originally posted 12/18/17)

Dear Sister,

I hope you are taking time for yourself.  You’re so busy, running around and taking care of everything and every one.  You may not even hear thank, so I’m here to say it.  Thank you.

Do you see your beauty?  When is the last time you glanced in the mirror and spoke kindly to yourself? Remember your words are weighted.  They are sledgehammers, breaking apart your seams.  Choose to extend the kindness you give others to yourself.  Choose that first, so you have plenty to share.

What are you madly in love with?  Creating, reading, cooking, whatever…do that! Even just for a few minutes, can you allow yourself an experience of pleasure?  You don’t know? What would it take to find out? That part of you that desires something else…can you ask her what she wants, so that you can start on a journey toward it?

Are you on fire? What moves you, emboldens you?  I hope you’re adding that to your calendar.   Fan those flames; find your activist, yogini, teacher, student, healer, magician, witch.  Where is she? Bring her forward.  Let her shine.

Have you moved yourself? I know it sounds strange, but movement changes everything.  Walk, run, get to your yoga mat, get on your bike or on a trail.  Notice your breath.  Put your hands on your heart.  Feel your power.

Dear Sister, you contain multitudes.  You are vast.  Please don’t forget that.  Please do not apologize for being anything other than yourself.  Please share your light, share your magic.  We need it.  We need it badly.

You are witnessed.  You are honored.  You are loved.



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