What’s that sound?

I’m sitting on a ridge in the shade. I see nothing but beauty in every direction. I’ve been up here for a bit, left reluctantly by friends who needed to go back down the hill for a bit. I really did not appreciate being left with nothing but my feet to get me down (4-wheelers are great, but that’s another post). But I did say it was ok, so it was now up to me to accept that I lied to myself. I’d need a mirror if I were going to cast blame.

But I’ve had enough time to get beyond
the original emotional response and settle into this nice, comfy isolation. I recognize that now. And I’m grateful. I’ve taken advantage of my situation. I’ve written, both for work and for pleasure. I’ve been able to think with a clarity that is at times elusive. And I’ve been able to witness all sorts of things I otherwise would not have. Even though I’m isolated, I’m surrounded.

A few minutes ago, I heard the most enchanting song. I have no idea which bird it belongs to, but it arrested me. I stopped everything. Shut it all down. So I could listen, and really HEAR. It rewarded me by continuing. Now, after it’s ceased that once again I hear the buzz of insects and the distant choir of a rooster (that’s obviously over-slept) and the donkeys (who go on frequently) in the next field over.

I could return to whatever I was doing before, but I think I’ll sit back and hope that creature returns. Maybe that’s my lesson….all kids of good things happen when I get still and open up for them. So perhaps I should do that more often…

Hope your day is as beautiful as mine.

With open eyes, open ears and an open heart….namaste.




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