Day #3

Did you do it? You know, that thing we do at the beginning of a new year. We make our lists of what needs to get done and we put it somewhere close for a few days. We’re only 3 days in, so you probably remember what’s on it right now. You still know where it is.

Here’s my challenge to you. Read it closely. What does it say? I bet if you look closely, you can learn a lot about where you were and even more about where you’re going.

And I will share mine…because I believe the more you check in with yourself and your progress, the more likely you are to succeed. I also believe in disclosure and accountability. So here it is:

Spend more time out of doors
Learn a new craft and/or language
Teach often
Race again
Cook more & experiment in the kitchen
Travel often, even if it’s not far
Choose kindness
Leave my comfort zone

I admit it’s a short list, compared to some I’ve had before. But I can accomplish all of these. They will push me. There will be days that I don’t want to. But in the end, I know that I will benefit as will those around me. I have huge potential to make a difference with all of these action steps.

You have the same potential. What will you do? How will you step up?

My hope is that you will welcome 2013 with open arms and a glad heart. I have. And even though we’re only 3 days in, I already feel the benefits.

Love and light to you in the new year.



You’re Welcome

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2013, I am feeling an overwhelming sense of inspiration. 2012 was a year of breaking new ground, stepping out into faith and reaching past limits. As I reflect on all of my blessings-those that were apparent and those that slipped in quietly while I wasn’t looking- I realize what lies ahead is the fruition of the work I’ve been doing all along. And the work I will continue to do. And the work I have yet to do. I know there is so much to do, yet I am not daunted. Instead, I feel ready for what lies ahead, even though I have no idea what that may be.

My hope is that you had a rewarding 2012, and that you have a blessed and fulfilling 2013.

Peace. Love. Light.

and Namaste.

Working Without A Net

I heard a song by Christine Kane today called Right Outta Nowhere. The lyrics are great, but one line in particular spoke to me: Leap and the net will appear. I wrote a few weeks ago about stepping out in faith. It seems that this theme has been cropping up a lot for me lately, so I am revisiting it here.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to live through my heart and limit the input I usually take from my head. Don’t mistake me…I’m not gadding about all willy nilly. I am thinking and paying attention. But I am acting from a different space. I am choosing more often to take that step, to LEAP. The net has appeared time and time again. And along with the net, opportunities and blessings I’d have never received otherwise have arrived.

So I write this week to ask if you’re doing the same. Have you taken the step? Have you decided that even in fear, you are willing to be vulnerable enough to loosen your grip on the outcome so you can enjoy the process? Because if you haven’t, and I say this from experience, you’re missing out on something delicious.

I wish you peace on this journey…the peace that comes from living fully present.