New Year, New You? Not necessary….

Today is a big day. Aside from all the bowl games and hangovers, many people are settling in to make their New Year’s resolutions. I’ve seen so many “New year, New you” ads that if I had a dollar for each one, I could purchase a small island and you’d probably never hear from me again. I’d blow up Instagram with happy beach pics, and we’d all move right along. 
But I don’t have all those dollars, so I’m here to tell you something. There’s no need for a new YOU. None. You’re fine right now. You were perfect yesterday.  You’ll be perfect tomorrow, too.  
Letting go of expectations is possibly the kindest act of self-care you may ever perform. It’s not easy, and in fact it’s quite radical in this world of diet ads, gym ads, glossy magazines and all other manner of media that can make us feel like we aren’t enough. But we ARE. 

I’m not saying that we don’t need to take care of ourselves by eating whole, clean foods and moving our bodies. I am saying that we do not need to drink the koolaid of our culture that tells us we are not enough. 

Let this be the year that you make choices from your body, mind and soul. What does your soul want to do? What would move you? These are then questions I’d challenge you to ask yourself…and let those answers guide you as you set your intentions. 

With love from the old me:)



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