Have you ever read THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD? Even if you haven’t, I bet you’ve heard that line…”I think I can, I think I can.” That mantra has carried me through all sorts of endeavors.   Driving the car all by myself the first time. Taking my first “grown-up” job. Leaving my last “grown-up” job. Hiking too far too fast. Teaching that really hard class. Efforts to do something I perceived to be beyond my reach.   Let me tell you something…I could. It was that easy. I did all of those things. And others.   It wasn’t because I was the most talented/skillful/prepared, etc. It was because I decided I could. It wasn’t always easy. It WAS always scary. But, wow, the rewards have been indescribable.

I felt that way once many years ago about yoga. I walked in to my first class feeling lots of things, mostly that I didn’t belong there. I am not tall, slender, straight. I am short and round. But I thought I could, and I stayed on my mat. Almost a decade later, I am still short and round. And I am still on my mat. I teach more days than not, and practice every day.

What I learned over all those years is that every BODY has a place on the mat. And here’s the beauty: we have all these parts that move. So when we need something to be different, to feel different-we can move it. We have tools like blankets and blocks and bolsters (Oh my!) to help our bodies, so there’s no need to move in a way that doesn’t feel good and safe. I’m all for challenge in a pose, but I operate under a strict no pain policy.

So, I said all of that to say this: YOU CAN. It is that simple. YOU CAN DO YOGA. Know how you can get a yoga body? DO YOGA! Pretty simple, right?  We all have yoga bodies. I love mine, and am so grateful to have it. My work is not going to be done until you join me on the mat and love yours, too.

Namaste, y’all.



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