Sharpening my Pencil

I grew up going to Catholic School (explains a lot, doesn’t it?) and when I got into trouble, one of the myriad ways I could be punished was the dreaded write-off. This didn’t happen often, but just enough that the memory is quite clear. I’d sharpen my pencil and sit quietly at the desk closest to the corner. And I’d write. Over and over, whatever phrase Sister Mary Mother of Perpetual Homework could invent to drill home the infraction. After a while, it would become peaceful and lose it’s feel of punishment. Over the years, I’ve almost always carried pencils and little notebooks so I can write and go back to that space of peace. Poems, grocery lists, notes on projects…just the simple act of writing a little bit takes me there.

This morning I woke up with a full schedule. I went through my normal rituals and packed my goodies for the day ahead. And I reached for my keys…which were no where to be found. After my very peaceful morning blew to smithereens, I remembered where they were. I found the remnant of the spare and regrouped. But, as “luck” would have it, the spare didn’t work. After another tiny meltdown, I got on the phone. I took some appropriate action and now everything is being taken care of.

Yet again, I had to be reminded that control is not something I have. Nor do I need it. Everything will be fine. It always is. The universe has a way of reminding me each and every time I forget. I know there’s an opportunity here if I’ll open my eyes.

I have a meeting this afternoon about something close to my heart. Instead of going through my day all a-flutter, thanks to my car, I have a few additional moments to sit and reflect on what an opportunity I have. In these extra moments, I’ve been able to really get centered. I’ve been able to relax enough to brainstorm.

As the thoughts began to flow, I find myself yet again reaching for my pencil. I grab my notebook. And so the ritual goes…

I’m grateful I recognize how much this ritual means. And I’m grateful I had the time today to go through it once again. If we are open to seeing everything as an opportunity instead of a trial, the whole world can open right up before us.

Are your eyes open today? Try it…see what happens. It’ll amaze you…promise!

Happy Monday, y’all.



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