Today is the day…

I have promised myself that I’d do this for a while, so today I took the leap.  A blog has been on my mind for years, but some fabulous recent events have made me really think about the things I say I want.  Time to quit talking and start doing.  As Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”  So today I am doing.

I owe someone a debt of gratitude.  Reluctant Yogini was already in use.  Then, as I started to really delve into what MY blog needed to be for me, I realized that by writing today I am no longer reluctant.  So audacious it is.  And for good reason…the definition of audacious is “showing a willingness to take bold risks.” Occasionally reluctance creeps in.  But since I am audacious, it doesn’t get to stay for long.  It has no home here.

Yogini is who I’ve become.  The road has been…many things, interesting, fact-finding, stirring, thought-provoking.  And if I’m living right, it will continue to be.  Notice easy didn’t make the list.  Over the last several years, yoga set me on a path of doing the hard work.  I’m not perfect, but I am grateful to truly be a work in progress.  That work continues daily and the lessons show up in a myriad of experiences.

Time to hit the mat.  Namaste, ya’ll.


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